The Carousel On the National Mall

Washington, DC




The Carousel on the Mall was built

 by the Allen Herschell Company in 1947,

then located in North Tonawanda,  NY.

It is known as a traveling machine.

  The Carousel is one of a kind.   The horses

are four abreast, all jumping.   No other

 machines were made four abreast after the

Carousel on the Mall.  A visitor was added

in 1996,  for  the, children.  A Sea Dragon,

and it's the most popular seat. The Carousel on the Mall

was first delivered to the Gwen Oak Park

in Maryland.  It was there when the park

closed.  It was then bought from the park

and placed where it is today, here on this

wonderful Mall in our Nations Capital.  This

carousel is the only operating carousel in

Washington, DC.  Over the years it has been

a favorite attraction to millions of young

and old alike and a meeting place for others.

   Many notables have visited with us.  The

Carousel on the Mall  has had cameo appearances

in a few movies also, you may have noticed.