The Carousel On the National Mall

Washington, DC


Dear Friends of  the Carousel on the Mall,

    Planning  an outing for your group of children?  Give them a whirl
on the Carousel on the National Mall.  It's a grand carousel, one that
spins dreams and carnival music; a carousel every child should ride
and remember.  Classic Americana in the most American of settings;
the National Mall, sheltered by the beauty of ageless monuments and
museums.  It's a trip in itself  for little ones, and a great way to give
older children a break after a stint at the Smithsonian.  It's a magical
ride.  What better way to introduce children to Washington D C, than to
arrange a ride on the Carousel for your class.  The Carousel on the Mall
is across Jefferson Drive from the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building.

    The Carousel, insight of the Capitol Building, the Washington
Monument, and directly  in front of the Smithsonian Arts and Industries
Castle, on the Mall  side, has become a tradition with so many Mall
visitors.  It is advisable for groups of 25 or more to prebook so we may
give them the service they deserve.

    The Carousel, with 58 horses and 2 Chariots can easily
accommodate large groups of several  hundred or more.   The price for
a ride on the Carousel is $3.50.  We open daily from 10 to 6.

    As you plan your visit with us, it may be helpful to know there are
a few benches and a shady, grass covered grove next to the Carousel,
where you may wish to sit and eat a bag lunch while enjoying the
Carousel and Military Band Organ music.  A drinking fountain and
refreshment stand are adjacent.

    In addition to the Carousel, there are two original horse drawn
Popcorn Wagons located on the Mall, One in front of the Air and Space
Museum and One at the steps of the Natural History Museum.  Fresh popped

 popcorn is served daily.

    We are looking forward to your visit with us.   We hope your group
has a  memorable trip.